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Live-Make Industrial Arts Center Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio


Our submission attempts to create an environment where an individual can live a holistic life; a life where living, learning and making are in harmony with each other and with the environment. The live component of the program is arranged around the perimeter of the existing warehouse. The lofts are tucked and terraced into the hillside creating a dialogue with the warehouse and spaces where a variety of activities can occur. The existing warehouse with a new second floor is where the make component of the program occurs. An outdoor work yard space is defined by the loft units that surround it, and is directly connected to the newly created second floor of the warehouse. An interior street at the rear of the warehouse unifies all program features and is a place to socialize, relax, and share the events of the day with others. A public amphitheater is also provided where, it is hoped, lectures and public performances will take place. A deep respect for the features of the site, the environment and context are important goals as well in the execution of this work.